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Otto Porter Empty Otto Porter

on Sat Jul 13 2013, 11:22
Otto Porter 1012002_10151522301408741_1192709903_n

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St. Louis, Missouri
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Otto Porter Empty Re: Otto Porter

on Wed Oct 09 2013, 22:54
Bravo decko Respect 

Otto Porter’s quiet act of kindness: Buys homeless guy lunch, sits down with him

There are plenty of NBA guys who will tell you all about their big money charitable foundations. For many of them it is a tax write-off and a chance to get some good PR but something they barely pay attention to, while there is a handful who are serious about the cause they focus on. That said, all of them love to do good in front of the cameras.

Which is why this story about Wizards rookie Otto Porter, out of a letter to the Washington Post, is so fantastic.

Porter is a Georgetown guy who stopped by a D.C. sandwich shop, and we’ll let the letter tell the rest.

After about 25 minutes (of the homeless guy asking people for food), Otto Porter Jr., the Georgetown basketball star and the Washington Wizards’ newest first-round draft pick, drove up, hopped out of his car and entered the shop. Mr. Porter soon exited with his sandwich and drink — but also with a sandwich, a bag of chips and a drink for the homeless man. Mr. Porter then sat down next to the man, and they both enjoyed their sandwiches while making small talk.

The letter writer repeats the old cliché — our true character is revealed with what we do when we think nobody is looking. In that case, Porter comes off as more caring and compassionate than most.

Both as media and as a society, we can focus too much on the negative — the players and coaches who get DUIs, who get arrested for a fight, who burn through all their cash. Not just with NBA players but with celebrities of every walk. But there are plenty of them who are good people who are good fathers/mothers, who are quietly active helping the needy one way or another, who are living lives we’d be proud to have our children aspire to. Those get overlooked all to often.

It’s nice to put a spotlight on the good for a change. We could use more of it.
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Otto Porter Empty Re: Otto Porter

on Sun Nov 10 2013, 22:36
Šta je s ovim?

Kakav fail ovogodišnji pikovi, ovaj povređen, Noel povređen, Len povređen, Bennett se zgovno Smile
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